Who We Are

“Thank Ya Kindly”, it’s kind of a different name, sounds like a midwest saying.The story
behind the name is the reason we are here today.



ownersIn 2003, Carol’s stepfather, Leland, had a massive stroke.  Wayne’s mother, Fern, after a lengthy battle, was in the final phases of Alzheimer and fighting cancer. With Leland and Fern’s physical and neurological hardships our family quickly and intimately learned quite a bit about what it takes to provide the proper and necessary care to our parents, especially when they needed that extra help.


Although Leland could no longer speak you could always see in his smile that he would “thank ya kindly”, a phrase that he used his entire life and one that all of us heard countless times, one that came from his heart.


It’s with these thoughts in mind that we are proud to dedicate our facility to Leland and Fern and to name the facility Thank Ya Kindly in honor of Leland.